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Kirsty has a fantastic proven track record in valuing and selling houses across the North East of England with over 22 years experience in Estate Agency valuing and sales. Previously working for local independent, corporate and Hybrid agencies.

I have a fantastic proven track record and a real passion for what I do. Previously working self employed with the UK’s largest Hybrid agent selling over 100 properties in 2019. With this success, I took the decision to run my own business as a professional bespoke estate agent after Lockdown 1.0 in 2019. Running my business with ‘people’ being the most important part of my business and providing quality adverts/marketing with a personal bespoke service that my customers deserve.

I have built an impressive reputation in the area, with over 100 ‘five star’ reviews for my professional approach, continued support and honest advice, as well as making lots of new friends on my journey. If you are looking for someone with bundles of property experience to help you have a smooth journey, guiding you through the process, with great advice and a friendly honest approach then choose me ‘Your Local Bespoke Estate Agent’. I will look after you from start to finish, from valuing your property, negotiating your offer, to completion/moving day!

Powered by eXp an international reputable umbrella company. My success has achieved winning ‘eXp Agent of the Year 2021’ and achieving ICON status in 2022 and 2023 that only 2% of the top agents achieve.

I am extremely proud to say that I have being selling over 100 properties per year with nearly 2k Facebook followers and selling on average twice as many properties as any other local agent! I am also the most positively reviewed local agent on Google.

I also enjoy spending time with my family. I live in Prudhoe with my husband and two wonderful children who both attend local schools. I grew up in Hexham and have always loved the Tyne Valley. I feel very lucky to live in this beautiful part of the North East of England. With my creative background in Art, Photography and Design, I bring this ‘natural flare’ into my business with helpful advice on staging your home correctly to providing quality floor plans and photography.

‘Your customer doesn’t know how much you know, until they know how much you care.’

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Why choose Kirsty Hodgson?

Selling a property can be an exciting, nervous and exhilarating experience. Whichever way it goes, I’m on hand to help you every step of the way.

I’ll visit you in your property, free of charge, advise you on the best way to market your home to get the best price and help with the correct asking price, based on your own personal circumstances.

After that, I’ll prepare the details and photos and add your property on Rightmove & Zoopla as well as tap into my mailing list of buyers to help you to secure a buyer at the best price possible. I’ll help you with booking viewings, negotiating offers to maximise your price and, as you’d expect from a personal estate agent, we’ll help with seeing the sale all the way through, to the day you hand over the keys.

We sell all types of property, and because I’m powered by eXp UK, I don’t have to worry about the technology or property portals, allowing me to concentrate on what I do best, which is to sell houses.

I have properties all across the Tyne Valley and beyond

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What people say about Kirsty Hodgson

This is the third estate agents I have recently instructed to sell my property. The service I have received is 1000% higher than the other well known agents in the area .I have never once had to contact Kirsty or Ailsa for information . I will now only use this company . My two houses were sold subject to contract in a week . WOW .Thank you to y…


Selling my home through Kirsty Hodgson has been an very pleasant, stress free experience. Both Kirsty and Ailsa have been on hand to answer any queries and assure me throughout the process. A five star experience all around and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone wishing to sell their home.


Can’t praise Kirsty and her team highly enough!! Buying and selling houses is a daunting prospect, especially when you are getting older. Kirsty is steering us through the process with efficiency and professionalism but also with friendliness and understanding. There has always been a friendly voice at the other end of the phone and an answer to…


Kirsty is a wonderful person to deal with. Personable, organised and transparent, she takes everything in her stride and makes life straightforward for both buyer and seller.


Fantastic service provided by Kirsty & Ailsa. Kirsty is professional and reliable and was able to get my property live on the market within 24 hours from the appraisal appointment.
The professional photo/video package & floor plans are far superior to many other agents that I have seen too.
All communication thereafter with both Ki…


I would like to share my experience with using Kirsty to sell my home. From the first meeting Kirsty was very professional explaining what the process would be. The pictures that she used to advertise our property were of the highest quality. Every viewing was confirmed on email and text message and we received feedback from all viewings from Ki…


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This is a well presented modern property built in 2019 with a EPC rating of B. This semi detached home is in lovely position on Valley Rise. The property is available with HIVE gas central heating and available as a freehold. The property is immaculately presented.

Jarvis Drive, Crawcrook 190,000


This is a well presented modern property built in 2019 with a EPC rating of B. This larger semi detached home is in lovely position on Valley Rise. The property is available with gas central heating and available as a freehold. With the added benefit of a garage and en suite bathroom. The property is immaculately presented.

Jarvis Drive, Crawcrook 200,000

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Lindt chocolate calendar from one of our solicitors, hotel chocolates from a supplier, and wine from one of our four completions yesterday and today!!!!

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This is a well presented property is a fabulous position! Situated in a tucked away end plot at the end of a cul de sac, with the added benefit of a detached single garage at the end of your garden. The property has gas central heating and will be bought as a Freehold property, as the current owner is currently in process of purchasing the Freehold.

Shaftoe Close, Crawcrook 145,000

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Meet the TEAM!!!!

Kirsty – Owner/Valuer & local property expert
Ailsa – Office Manager & local property expert
Sue – Sales progressor & Local conveyancing expert
Richard & Ina – Business partner, Hexham Area Valuer & local property experts

KIRSTY & AILSA 07787 573390
SUE 07359 330101 (MON-WED)
INA & RICHARD 07541 297 287

emails – for all enquiries
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I have partnered up with Ina & Richard. They are the most wonderful lovely couple with years of experience!!! They have ran estate agency businesses across Europe and have now settled with there two boys in Fourstones, Hexham. They adore the area and have been here for a few years now. They are so happy to have partnered up with Kirsty Hodgson Bespoke Estate Agent. They have the same focus to customer service and always doing what's right for the customer.

Ina & Richard are covering valuations in the Hexham area including NE46, NE47, NE48 & NE49 areas.

If you're interested in finding out what we do differently, please contact us for a free no obligation chat!

Ina or Richard on 07541 297 287

Kirsty or Ailsa on 07787573390

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When are you sprinkling the Christmas Spirit in your homes? I would like to do it this weekend, but I am a little busy, so possible I will be doing it Friday night or Saturday next week.

Personally I can't wait!!!!!!

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It was a privilege to be shortlisted and invited to last nights London's prestige annual 'The Negotiator Awards' with 1.5k estate agents across the UK! 👏👏👏

One of the most common scenarios we encounter is people in a quandary as to whether they should find a house first, and then put their house on the market. Or whether they should put their house on the market and find a buyer first, before they then try and find a house. The most common objections to selling their house first, that all agents hear, are these: – I don’t need to put my house on yet, because if I find somewhere I like, then it won’t be a problem selling my house. It will sell within a few days. I might not find anywhere that I like if I put my house on first and let my buyer down. I could end up homeless if I sell my house first. It is an age old problem. But let’s have a look at these problems, one by one.

“I don’t need to put my house on yet, because if I find somewhere I like, then it won’t be a problem selling my house. It will sell within a few days.”

If us estate agents had a pound for every time we heard this, there’d be no estate agents around! We’d all be living in the Bahamas. But seriously, this is the most common thing we hear from sellers. But it is the most misguided piece of information you will ever hear when someone is thinking of moving. But however much us estate agents try, people just don’t believe us when we say they should sell first. But it’s genuinely not advice that we give out to try and get your house on the market with us. It’s advice that we know will help you to move house, which is what the end goal is. Some people are right – their house does sell in days. But even this might be too late to secure the house of your dreams that you have spotted – even 24 hours might be too late – if you’ve just found your dream house, it’s probably someone else’s dream house as well…and one of those other people, will have done the smart thing, and put their house on the market and have found a buyer FIRST, so that they’re ready when their dream house does comes up. The owner will accept the other person's offer because they are able to proceed and move forward, even if you offer a higher price.

What you’ve got to remember, is that the agent is acting in the best interests of the property owner and advising the owner to accept an offer from someone who hasn’t even got their house on the market, is not going to happen. It’s not acting in the best interests of the seller. Put yourself in the same shoes; if you had two offers – one from someone who needed to sell their house in order to buy yours, and one from someone who had sold their property and had a complete chain… There are not many people that would take the risk on someone who hasn’t sold their house, regardless of the amount offered.

Which brings me on nicely to the next point on this; if you’re offering on properties without having sold your own, you’re straight away, in a weaker position. And the thing that we see people do all the time when they are in a weaker position is pay more money – too much money – because they are compensating for the fact they haven’t sold their own property. So, if you do manage to secure a house when you haven’t sold your own, then you’ll have probably had to pay over the odds for that property. So, by not putting your house on the market and finding a buyer before you find a property not only lessens your chances of securing a house, it also weakens your position when you do find somewhere, which could end up costing you more money because of your weakened position.

“I might not find anywhere that I like if I put my house on first and I’ll let my buyer down”

Correct. You might not find somewhere you like and you may end up letting your buyer down. But this is a whole lot better, than the scenario above. With the scenario above, you are unlikely ever to secure a property in the first place and you will always let yourself down, and may never end up moving. At least with a buyer in place, who has been made fully aware of the fact you haven’t found anywhere yet, you can go viewing houses safe in the knowledge that you have given yourself a fighting chance of securing the property of your dreams. We find that a buyer will normally stick around for an average of 2-3 months if you haven’t found anywhere, as long as you let them know what the position is right from the outset and keep them up to date with how your search is going, then they’ll be fine with waiting around for a period of time.

“I could end up homeless if I sell my house first”

No you couldn’t. Not unless you decided to make yourself homeless. Just because you accept someone’s offer, doesn’t mean you have to go through with the sale. It is only once you have exchanged contracts that you are legally bound to sell the property to the buyer. And exchanging contracts doesn’t happen for a number of weeks after a sale has been agreed. And even if that date did come along, the solicitors will not exchange contracts without your permission – they always get authorisation from you to do that. Of course the buyer, the agent and the solicitors will want you to go through with it, but as long as you keep everyone informed right from the start, then no one will be upset or surprised if you pulled out.

From my experience, people that have needed to sell their house in order to move, have more often than not, actually moved house when they have put their house on before they have found somewhere and, frankly, it is very rare that a home seller has managed to buy first, and sell second!

So if you really want to move, get yours on the market and let your agent look after the various situations that may arise.

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