Q&A – How do we work?

January 22nd, 2023


If you have any more questions please ask!!

1. Do you have an office?

Answer: Yes we do, I have a lovely home office. My sun room is set up as an office, with three desks, swivel chairs, printer, files and 2 white boards!

2. Why does this work so well?

Answer: This gives me flexibility with my life style as well as my clients. My office is always reaching distance should I be needed for out of hours offers or issues with viewing appointments. You don’t need a high street office, who goes into a branch to get paper print off’s? everyone searches online these days.

3. Who is eXp?

Answer: I am the business owner, I run my business the way I have always wished to run an Estate Agency. eXp provide me with everything I need to run a efficient compliant business, this includes my software, website, IT support etc. eXp provide worldwide support to my business.

4. Who is your Team?

Answer: This is where my business thrives. Ailsa has been my best friend since school, she also brought 3 years estate agent experience with her. We are so close, we may as well be the same person, Ailsa has the same work ethic as myself, as well as been as passionate about my business as I am. I also have Sue. Sue is an invaluable member of staff. She is my dedicated Sales Progressor. Sue has worked in solicitors conveyancers offices most of her life therefore brings so much experience to get sales from been agreed all the way through to completion stage. I am so lucky to have such a great team!

5. Why do you call your self a ‘Personal Bespoke’ Estate Agent?

Answer: This is easy. I tailor our service to individual needs. I really listen on our first meet and tailor our marketing to individual needs. This maybe someone after a very quick sale, someone looking to dip their toe in the market and don’t want to feel rushed or any pressure. Or the more sensitive situations of deceased estates and splits. Some clients want to be really involved in every step and others would prefer us to take the reins and only let them know when it’s something important. We aim to make your selling/buying experience as least stressful as possible and tailored to YOU.

Any burning questions?? I will be happy to answer!!!

Kirsty x